Why do you not support the independent garage sector?

As an independent garage owner, I take issue with your warranties and servicing comments. To say “fiddle around and mess it up” implies the independent sector is made up of a breed of inferior technicians, without the knowhow and capability to service or repair cars properly. Like any endeavour, there are good and bad practitioners, but many independents do a great job of serving their customers, otherwise how could they have increased their market share to 56 per cent of the aftermarket compared to 22 per cent of dealers? My business tries to keep pace with all the new technology and is a member of Motor Codes, RMI and employs ATA qualified technicians. Rather than knock our sector, put your effort into supporting technician licensing or similar to help raise standards.
I made a perfectly reasonable point. You would not warrant a complex product you had made if a fault that developed with it could have been caused by incorrect servicing of it. If you are so confident of the effectiveness of your workmanship, then the answer is for you to guarantee to meet the cost of any warranty claim refused by the manufacturer on the grounds that something you did was not to the required standard.
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