Extended warranties and dealer servicing - what's the law?

Volkswagen Approved Warranty (via Mondial Assistance(UK)) have informed me both during recent telecons and via email that the extended warranty they are offering to renew for my vehicle (first taken out last year) will be invalidated if I have the car serviced anywhere other than at an "Authorised Volkswagen Dealers" and confirm that this means a Volkswagen dealership/franchise. I understood that this was now illegal and that any registered garage could undertake this work without invalidating a vehicles warranty/extended warranty as long as the manufacturers servicing requirement are adhered to and only genuine parts and specified lubricants used when required. Based on this understanding my car was serviced last year by a non-Volkswagen and seemingly reputable garage who confirmed to me then that servicing by them would not invalidate my vehicles warranty. After some discussion with Volkswagen Approved Warranty they have now confirmed in an email that this is only the case during the manufacturers free warranty period but that for warranties extended beyond this period (extended warranty) they insist servicing must be undertaken at a Volkswagen garage otherwise the warranty will be rendered invalid. Can you please advice me on this matter as Volkswagen's stance appears at odds with details available on-line and seems at least to be in contravention of what I believe is called “The Trades Practices Act”.
You have been informed correctly. The EC Directive only refers to the original manufacturer warranty of 2 - 3 years. It does not cover this sort of contract.
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