Why doesn't Volkswagen's service plan cover brake fluid?

I have had a bad experience of a service plan with my father’s Volkswagen. Volkswagen does a fixed price two year plan at £379 which you pay up front in one go and which covers two services and two MOTs, car to be no more than eight years old and under 2.0 litres. My father took one of these out in 2010 and all was fine, and the two-yearly brake fluid change was carried out at no extra cost. The plan expired so a new two-year plan was taken out in 2012. At the service a month later the dealer refused to carry out the brake fluid change and charged an additional £51, saying that this was no longer covered. There were no exclusions of brake fluid changes in either the plan wording or on the Volkswagen web site that I could see. Since then I have been complaining to VW and took it to the MD of Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS), which administer these plans. He also stated that brake fluid changes are not now covered by this plan. Not to be put off I took this to the Financial Ombudsman Bureau (FOB) and went through its complaints procedure. Before it could go before an adjudicator VW rang me and made an offer of a refund of the £51 charge plus compensation of £100. In other words, compensation of twice the charge. Very strange, but a warning to your readers to understand clearly what a plan does/does not cover before they take one out.
Many thanks for that. In my view, the biggest failing of these plans is that they do not provide for annual oil and filter changes. Some makes and models go years without an oil and filter change and this is proving disastrous for chain cam engines such as the EA888 2.0-litre TSI in the GTI, which are suffering failed tensioners leading to total engine destruction after as little as 30,000 miles after just one 20,000 mile service.
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