A member of the Good Garage Scheme repaired my Nissan Patrol's head gasket but it's failed again - do I have any redress?

I have a Nissan Patrol 2004 GR 3.0 diesel. During January 2010 (six months ago, just) it had a head gasket failure at 130,000 miles, and was repaired by an independent garage (a member of the Good Garage scheme). It has just failed again, and I wonder what redress I have as I have noticed on some forums some people seem to think this is a common problem due to poor design. I have had it delivered by the breakdown firm to the Nissan dealer I bought it from, the idea being that in the first instance I will need a report showing what is wrong. A couple of people have asked if, when the new gasket was fitted, the garage had the head skimmed, as they think that if it hasn't been done it will fail again. I can confirm that the head was not skimmed. The bill for the work done was almost £2000, and I really can't afford to pay that out again, especially in the current economic climate. I should also add that this vehicle is used for work and therefore is causing more financial hardship. I also wonder how long the work done would be subject to any form of guarantee.
'The Good Garage Scheme' merely means that the garage buys a required number of liquids and lubricants from a single supplier. 'The Good Garage Guide' means that the garage has been recommended by HJUK readers and/or subscribes to the SMMT's Motor Codes which sets standards and offers conciliation and arbitration.
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