Can I thank Egertons of Chester for their help following a serious road accident?

Two days before Christmas we were involved in an horrific crash, and had to be cut out of our vehicle, which at the time was loaded with Christmas gifts, a hamper of food, luggage and all the bric a brac that accumulates in cars (CDs, guide books, maps, etc). Passing over the grisly details and the excellence of all the emergency services involved who ensured that we each had our essentials (wallets, mobiles), unexpected excellence came the salvage firm, Egertons of Chester, who were tasked with picking up the wreckage. In due course all our luggage was returned, down to the gloves and woolly hats off the back seat. Perishable food had been jettisoned (this apparently standard, as they cannot know how quickly luggage will be reclaimed), but even an undamaged bottle of sherry had been dutifully packed up for return. It's reassuring to know that when the worst happens, we can be in such honest and conscientious hands.
Well done, Egertons of Chester.
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