Where can we have an ABS fault on our Vectra repaired cheaply?

We have a 2002 Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 hatchback, which we bought seven months ago. It now has a Kelsey Hayes ABS pump fault, which we thought we could cure with a secondhand part. It would appear after several attempts with these that it is such a common fault that secondhand is not the way to go. This part new plus the labour is more than the car is worth, which is not an option. We contacted Vauxhall who were less than helpful. Their only suggestion was that we should buy new. Do you have any ideas to help us with this problem? The car is otherwise in very good condition and drives well.
This is the problem of increasing sophistication causing built in obsolescence. You might get help from www.ecutesting.com or from www.bba-reman.com. Autotek in Poole offers a quick mail order refurbishment service, around a third of the price of a new pump, tel: 01202 740025 (but I have had one complaint).
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