ABS fault on a 4500-mile-old Fiesta - is this acceptable?

In 2006 I bought a brand new Ford Fiesta Studio. I have now been told by a Ford garage that my ABS braking system unit has now packed up. I am very angry considering the car has only done 4500 miles, because the bill is going to be £1040.56 to fix it. To me the part was faulty and should have lasted longer than that. The car has always been serviced at the same garage. Ford customer services are not listening because of the warranty issue. I am very disappointed with them. I have had Fords for over 40 years. I would like to see some warmth from Fords who could meet me halfway. What’s your opinion?
Yes, it should have lasted longer than that. But did you ever have the brake fluid changed? If not, because brake fluid is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture), the moisture in the fluid can corrode the delicate internal valves in the ABS unit and that can lead to failure. It's rare in a Fiesta, though, as these are one of the most reliable small cars. Becoming common in the Nissan Micra K12, so Micra owners need to have their brake fluid regularly changed.
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