Would you recommend a Citroen C6 to replace my C5?

For reasons lost in the mists of time I have always been a Citroen freak and I actually own a nice 2CV. Our main cars have been BXs, Xantias, C5s and so on. I'm currently thinking of updating my current C5 for one about 12 months old, preferably an Exclusive saloon, however I'm becoming lured by the idea of a slightly older C6 at about the same cost as the C5. Should I dismiss this as a foolish idea?
The C6 will become a 'classic', but fixing it won't be easy in years to come. I remember the first one I drove, on the UK launch. The electronic keyfob simply fell apart in my hand. Driving it on a twisting road was like sailing. Okay on the first part of an S-bend, but a lot of tacking required to change direction for the second part. Julian Marsh's website may assist you: www.citroenet.org.uk/
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