Which reliable five-door car offers reasonable fuel economy and performance?

My wife and I are looking to replace our ageing and ailing 5-door, 1.6 petrol Ford Focus. Happy with 'used' as opposed to new, as it will be mainly used by my better half for short journeys with the odd visit to offspring and grandchildren about 200 miles away. It should have five doors ideally to accommodate other grandchildren who live locally. Also decent legroom as I am 6-feet 3-inches, and can go up to around £12,000. It should have reasonable mpg and performance (doesn't slow down going uphill), comfort, reliability and affordable maintenance preferred. However, we are not 'petrol heads' so not snobbish about the make. Any suggestions much appreciated.
A Golf Mk VI 1.4TSI 122. Or you may even get a new shape KIA cee’d or Hyundai i30 1.6i 6-speed for the money from Motorpoint.
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