Can I recommend an electronics repair firm called Revtronics?

I know you like to applaud good service so I must heartily commend a Bradford firm called Revtronics ( that has repaired both my vehicles at a fraction of the cost of franchised dealer quotes. In both cases (one a Volvo V70 D5 and the other a Suzuki Swift 1.3 DDi) the instrument clusters failed and in both cases the main dealers wanted me to pay over £600 for replacement clusters. Fortunately, an Internet search revealed the Volvo problem was very common (the Motorola chip) and a link took me to Revtronics. Although they offered a very quick turnaround via postal service, my wife took the Volvo in, waited less than an hour an a half and then drove away with a reprogrammed instrument cluster that they had repaired whilst she waited. When the Suzuki cluster failed, I removed it and sent it to Revtronics - it went in the post on a Wednesday evening and was back with me on the Friday afternoon having had the faulty components replaced. The cost? For the Volvo, £150 and for the Suzuki £110, all including VAT and postage (for the Suzuki). While franchised dealers just swap failed items in and out at huge cost to the customer, firms like Revtronics are still in the business of repairing faulty items, saving the customer money and the landfill sites from more plastic rubbish. In an age where our cars are full of electronic components, these guys are angels of mercy to cash-strapped motorists.
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