Is an oil leak caused by a garage service covered by my warranty?

We purchased a secondhand Peugeot Partner Tepee S HDI in the autumn of 2010, and had no trouble with it until we took it for a service at an independent garage, having done 15,508 miles. The car had a big oil leak after that service which the garage immediately acted on, because it seemed to have been the fault of the garage. However, since then, there has been a small but very irritating leak, which has marked our paved driveway. The car has been back several times to the same garage for repair, with no success yet. Should this be covered by the two-year warranty, which ended Feb. 2012, or could it be due to negligence on the part of the garage?
It's not covered by warranty because the problem arose from having the car serviced outside the Peugeot network.
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