Should I replace my blown Peugeot 309 with this £500 N-reg Ford Fiesta?

My second car runabout, a very tatty H-reg Peugeot 309, has just suffered a cylinder head gasket failure (clouds of steam and drops of water from the exhaust). It's probably not worth even considering a repair. My local mechanic, who has looked after my cars for years, has an N-reg petrol Fiesta, 1300 engine, for £500. He has maintained it for the past 10 years. Problem - low mileage (only 40,000). Worth considering? If so, how do I get maximum scrap value for the Peugeot?
For £500, that's about as good as it gets. If you know the history of the car and the mechanic has looked after it, there's not much more you could ask for. The low mileage shouldn't be a problem as long as regular servicing work has been carried (which I'm sure it has if it's been in the hands of a mechanic). Sounds like a good replacement.
Answered by Dan Harrison on

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