Does my Powershift box really need a fluid and filter change?

My 2.0-litre EcoBoost petrol Ford Mondeo is in for a three year service, 17,000 miles. The garage has called me to say Ford recommends a change of oil and filter on the Powershift auto box too. Is this necessary at this mileage? The garage tells me there are reported problems at around 40,000 miles with this gearbox and Ford will not offer any goodwill gestures if I don’t have the oil changed. I bought a service plan to spread the cost of ALL servicing, but this is outside the plan.
Yes, that's correct. Fluid and filter. And it's a £200 - £250 job. Same for a VAG wet clutch six speed DSG. Actually all modern multi-speed automatics require fluid changes at between three and six years, depending on the number of speeds. BMW 8-speeders every four years. All CVTs too, every three years.
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