Dealer has charged for work it never carried out - what should I do?

I bought a Mazda 3 from a main dealer in 2010. As recommended by the manufacturer, I took the car for its first check up in 2011, where it was given a full service and oil change. After the latest service at an independent garage I was given a print out of the electronic service history and I noticed that the first service was only a check, no oil change was ever carried out. Will there be any damage caused to the engine as the oil was not changed for two years? How should I approach Mazda?
Yes there could be. Worse still, on the conflicting evidence, this could actually be criminal fraud. You were charged for things you did not get. On the other hand, it might simply be that the data was input to the central records incorrectly.

You need to challenge the garage that did this first service and threaten both civil and criminal action against it.
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