Does my Toyota Aygo's clutch really need replacing after 50,000 miles?

I had my Aygo 40,000-mile service at a Toyota dealer last August, when they reported the clutch 'heavy and worn' and on amber alert for replacement. Replacement quote £698,77. I had noticed no problem and was only reminded of it when reading the report. Waiting at the same dealership for 50,000-mile service last month, the clutch was reported then as okay/green on inspection sheet. From the web, it seems I'm lucky to have got to 50,000 miles without clutch replacement. My past experience on Ford Escorts and Vauxhall Corsas has been 100,000 miles or more without clutch replacement. I believe that of three servicing bulletins from Toyota in 2008, the second one in October was about pedal adjustment to prevent premature clutch wear. But they are refusing to cover replacement under my extended warranty even though I'd had 2 years wear on the clutch before that bulletin was issued. Your thoughts would be very gratefully received.
Difficult one to argue. 50,000 miles is a rerasonable life for a clutch even though it isn't the life you've had from the clutches of your previous cars.
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