Should my 2008 Toyota Auris have 2-3mm of free play in the clutch pedal?

Please could you tell me if its normal to have 2-3mm of free play in the clutch pedal of my petrol Toyota Auris 2008? I can push it down about this distance before I meet any resistance. I had it in at the main dealer last week for a squeaky clutch pedal, which is still there after they replaced the clutch master cylinder. Would they have had to uncouple the pedal to do this and maybe didn't fasten it back correctly?
Yes, it is normal to have a small amount of free play in the clutch pedal. This is here to assist the driver. Some drivers sit with their foot resting on the clutch pedal and as such (if no free play) would result in excessive wear. Also, the free play actually assists the driver when he is releasing the clutch pedal because if there were none at all the clutch would only fully engage at the very point when you released the pedal, causing a jerking start when you first pull away.
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