Clutch replacement, should I replace the DMF at the same time?

I own a 2007 Citroen Xsara Picasso VTX 1.6 HDi and the clutch has started to slip with acceleration, but it's still OK for gentle cruising. I plan to take it to Mr Clutch for: New Clutch @ £350, and New Cam Belt + Water Pump @ £325 They say that they do not replace the DMF as a matter of course but check for wear and condition. If a replacement is needed the bill for that and the clutch is £880. Question 1 – should I trust their judgement and not replace the DMF unless they say so, or pay the extra £530 to get that done at the same time? Question 2 – annual mileage has now dropped from 18,000 to 12,000, still mainly long runs. If it was still in production I would buy another Xsara Picasso, but will most likely run it on a few more years. Is there any other precautionary maintenance I should consider?
I think you will probably need a new DMF soon, so take their advice about this. Pleased to read that your Xsara Picasso has been so good. I'm still recommending them. Yours will not have a diesel particulate filter so you avoid most of the problems of diesels used for shorter runs. Change the oil every 7,000 miles or so. Remember to idle the turbo after a long ascent or whenever you think it might be too hot before switching off.
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