Which easily-maintained car do you recommend for towing a caravan?

I tow a twin axle 1.8 tonne caravan in the UK and Europe with my 168,000mile 1999 Land Rover Discovery TD5. I really want to change it for something newer with less maintenance costs. I will spend up to £14,000, hoping to get £3000 for my Discovery in a private sale. What do you suggest?
The 2010 Sante Fe 2.2 R-Type diesel is your best choice, as it can pull 2500kg. It's better to spend a bit more than £14,000 and get a good vehicle rather than stick to £14,000 and get something that proves unreliable and ends up costing you a lot more than a Santa Fe would have. A Range Rover or Discovery III could be trouble. The Santa Fe is tested here: www.honestjohn.co.uk/road-tests/hyundai/hyundai-sa.../
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