Should I replace the timing chain on my low mileage SEAT Ibiza?

I'm experiencing the common timing chain rattle on my low millage (36,000) 6 year old Seat Ibiza 1.2 TSI engine. I've been quoted £400 for replacement at an independent garage. Is it worth having the chain replaced in the hope of getting another 36,000 out of the car or is this a fundamentally poor engine, and/or has other damage been caused to the engine. The oil consumption is up at around a litre per 1000 miles and not sure if its related to an engine issue, but the HT leads needed replacing a couple of months back.
Worth replacing the chain and tensioner, then p/x the car. The problem with these is the variable quality of the links of the chain, which depends on when in the life of the stamping tool they were stamped out. That's unpredictable. The oil consumption problem is probably due to the piston oil rings not seating properly.

Will add what happened to you to the Ibiza ST entry in carbycar.
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