Can I recommend Shipham Volvo for helping with my 1995 850 T5?

I had to write because I thought you ought to know that Shipham Volvo are better than excellent. Proof: I took my lovely old 1995 850 T5 to them a few years back thinking it needed a change. The car was fine. 200,000 miles and still going strong thanks to good maintenance by me, and them, over the years. But the front seats were lacking support and giving me back ache. Solution: 'We have a crashed car in the back sir. The seats match yours exactly. The donor car is only a few years old'. The seats were swapped and look and work a treat. Saved me a fortune and a load of trouble swapping a known car for an unknown one and a small bucket of cash. The car passed 240,000 miles recently - the distance to the moon - and is still going strong. I can't recommend them highly enough to you and your readers. If only all garages were this good. Their website is I have signed up to your website and added this to the recommended garage reviews already.
Well done. I'll try (but cannot promise) to also get this into the column. It will be months rather than weeks, though. There are thousands of reader recommended good garages at
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