Why couldn't Nissan provide a replacement tyre for my X-Trail?

Having been unable to drive my 2011 Nissan X-Trail for some months and the 12 month service being due, Marshalls of Bury St Edmunds collected and returned my car duly serviced and, although it had only done 5500 miles, it was found that the front discs had become pitted (probably due to having stood unused outside for four months) and I had a nail or screw embedded in one of the rear tyres requiring a new tyre. Marshall Nissan could not source a new Dunlop of the same sort and although they tried Nissan UK and Nissan Europe, no luck. A 12-month-old car with no replacement tyres? Simply ludicrous. Marshalls replaced all four tyres with Continentals and only charged for one at cost price. My front discs were replaced at no charge to me. Terrific service.
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The reason for the tyre problem is the way manufacturers buy tyres, always at the lowest possible price, so these could have been end-of-production tyres.
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