Why won't Mercedes-Benz replace the SBC unit in our 2004 E320?

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed via diagnostics that the SBC unit on our 2004 E320 CDI has gone. I am aware there have been problems with this unit, possibly even a recall. Mercedes-Benz has offered to go 50-50 on the replacement of the unit, which is a still a cost of £850 to me. They have said that because we don't have a Mercedes-Benz service history (although we have it serviced regularly by ex-Mercedes-Benz mechanics) they won't pay the entire amount. What would your view be? Would Mercedes-Benz be liable if the car was to be in an accident? You replied, “It's an 8-year-old car, not serviced by Mercedes-Benz, so I think Mercedes-Benz is being extremely generous.” I find this a ridiculous response and totally at odds with what my independent garage has told me. It could be a safety issue on what was originally a £30,000 car. They ought to pay up in full for flogging a dodgy motor.
There are people out there who simply can't stand being told the truth. I repeat, in law Mercedes-Benz has no liability at all for an 8-year-old car, however much it cost when it was new. Especially one that has not been maintained by Mercedes-Benz dealers. You have had eight years' use out of the original SBC unit. Why should the company replace it with a new one on a car that is already past the end of its 7-year design life? Take Mercedes-Benz's generous offer.
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