Trevor King fixed my Mercedes-Benz A Class ECU transmission fault - many thanks!

My 30,000 mile A Class, serviced by Mercedes-Benz, suffered the dreaded ECU transmission fault warning light. The Mercedes garage informed me that a repair would cost £1700 and, if it was the gearbox, £6000 more. I remembered your reference to Trevor King the Automatic Gearbox specialist of Epsom, who told me to have the car brought to him on a low loader. He diagnosed and replaced a faulty computer module. The cost including VAT and petrol in the tank totalled £474. I was delighted and offered Mr King £500 to have a drink on me. He refused to accept the additional money stating "You've paid enough. I will not take advantage of a motorist who has been let down.” If you consider an Honest John Golden Spanner Award I would nominate Trevor King, who is a credit to the motor industry.
Nomination duly accepted. We do make 'Highly Approved Trader' (HAT) awards and I've known Trevor for donkey's years. He does deserve it. He has a website at but is about to move from his original premises to somewhere more salubrious, so the best way to get hold of him is by mobile: 07802 577351.
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