Volkswagen Horsham gave excellent service when my Golf's automatic gearbox failed.

One to add to your list of decent behaviour. I have a Golf 1.4 TSI 122PS DSG automatic registered 30-6-2009. At three and a half years old with a mileage of 12,316 the Mechatronic unit failed (the car went from gear to neutral). My dealer, Volkswagen Horsham, contacted Volkswagen without my involvement and Volkswagen agreed to pay for a new unit (cost over £2000) and 50 per cent of labour. I consider this to be very fair treatment, a good reason to buy Volkswagen products and to stick with the same dealer who sold me the car.
That is very fair. But in China, Russia, Canada, the USA and Australia, VAG has been forced to give a 5-year warranty on its DSG units because of their high failure rate. If Dacia can offer a 5-year UK warranty for £395 on a £5995 car, why can't VAG (and Ford) offer a 5-year UK warranty on their much more expensive cars?
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