Should we trade in our 100,000-mile Volkswagen Golf?

We own a 2004 Volkswagen Golf 1.9TDI automatic that has now done almost 100,000 miles. So far it has been relatively trouble-free, although it recently needed a new alternator and battery. Would you advise that we change the car before any major problems arise or, as the car has now depreciated so far and is in good general condition, would it be more sensible to keep it?
Happily, this is a 1.9-litre engine with torque converter automatic rather than a 2.0TDI and DSG. I'd soldier on, replacing the timing belts as advised by Volkswagen. The 1.9-litre was the most reliable Volkswagen diesel engine and had no DPF, and there's no dual mass flywheel to worry about with a torque converter automatic.
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