Can I expect my diesel Renault Laguna to develop expensive problems soon?

In 2009 I bought a new Renault Laguna 2.0dCi 150 Initiale 50 diesel automatic. Can you tell me whether it has a diesel particulate filter, dual mass flywheel or an exhaust gas recirculation valve fitted and, if so, whether this would be a good reason to get rid of it? In the three years that I have owned the car, I have driven 20,000 miles.
If you were going to have any day-to-day problems with the DPF you would have had them by now. Your only worry is the life of the DPF which is probably about 80,000 miles. This engine is timing chain, not belt, so there's no need to replace that every four years. It does have an EGR but, because it's a torque converter automatic, it does not need a dual mass flywheel and it won't stress one if fitted, so no worries about that.
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