Why aren't consumable fluids included in Peugeot's service plans?

A word of warning for other readers. We took out a tailor made service plan for our then 3-year-old Peugeot 207 provided by our local dealer. The brochure boasts to take the stress out of vehicle servicing by spreading the cost, and that all service items are covered apart from wear and tear parts. It wasn't until we booked it for its first service under the Service Plan that we were told we would need to pay for extra for brake and coolant fluid replacement as these were only a recommendation by the manufacturer and not part of the service. I would advise anyone thinking of taking out a Service Plan to insist on a detailed breakdown of what is and what is not included before signing. We have since cancelled the contract and taken our 207 to a local garage for a fraction of the cost and a much more personal service.
Absolutely right. I have issued numerous warnings about service plans. The only reason they exist is to generate commission for salesmen. They are of no benefit to customers. The other risk is that the dealer to whom you pay the premiums goes bust before you get any services.
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