My Peugeot's service bill is huge - is this reasonable?

I took my 2005 Peugeot 307 HDI XI to the Peugeot main garage this morning for a service and MoT. It has covered just 39,000 miles and was serviced by a local garage for the last two years. I have just received a phone call from the Peugeot dealer. Apart from an MoT and service they have identified the following issues: a small oil leak (£405), DPF replacement (£1158), replacement of the rear brake pads and discs (£410), and ESP and ABS repair (£72.95). They also say that when they removed the gearbox they found oil on the flywheel. The total bill now stands at £3,200. Is this reasonable, considering the mileage?
So that's a replacement dual mass flywheel and clutch as well. This, and the DPF problem, is why I am advising so many readers to think again before buying a diesel, especially one of more than three years old. I would see if the garage can get some goodwill towards this from Peugeot.
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