Does flushing oil help to decontaminate an engine when the oil is changed?

Yesterday my 2002 Volkswagen Polo petrol model, which has covered 75,000 miles, had its annual service, including a full oil change. Today, the oil looks much the same as it did yesterday - dirty and dark. The garage says that it contaminates immediately on being driven, but I'm sure in the past new oil looked clean to start with.
Even in a petrol engine there will be a lot of contaminants in the engine after 75,000 miles. You could have had flushing oil added to the old oil before it was drained but there are mixed opinions about this. Some say that any residue of the flushing oil left in the engine reduces the lubricity of the new oil, and the AA warns that flushing oil can loosen deposits and block narrow oilways.
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