Can I recommend my local independent garage?

I wanted to write to highlight an excellent local garage in Leeds: Alderson Autos. A while ago I had an accident. When my car was returned to me it appeared to have turbo failure. The local franchised dealer failed to find the true problem (said I needed a new turbo), as did the insurance company's "independent expert", who diagnosed it to be a wear-and-tear related failure. When Andy Alderson got in the car to test-drive it, he had a provisional diagnosis within a minute and had the car repaired, tested and returned in next to no time, and for less than £25. The fault? The hoses for the turbo-control valve were incorrectly connected. Alderson Autos is professionally run and provided me with excellent service. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Please recommend Alderson Autos here: This is a directory where diamonds like Andy Alderson can be permanently looked up and found. It may get a mention in the column, but that would only be for one week where it would be lost to most people who could benefit.
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