Thanks to Vauxhall for their help in repairing a fault on my wife's Corsa.

Please may I bestow a couple of accolades through your column. My wife’s 4-year-old Corsa, out of guarantee, developed a seemingly small problem where the dial that directs the air within the car jammed. The fault was diagnosed to be the spindle in the heater box and that the whole unit needed to be replaced at a cost in excess of £1000. For this reason I had to dismiss the thought of having the work done. However because of the very low mileage the garage, Whitmore’s, suggested that I approach Vauxhall Customer Services direct. This I did and was very well received, and told that they would get back to me. However, unbeknown to me at the time, Whitmore’s also contacted Vauxhall and to my utter delight the garage later rang to say that the work would be undertaken at Vauxhall’s expense. As consumers we are perhaps quick to criticise and often suppliers are equally as quick to point out the small print. I therefore found it most refreshing to have a major manufacturer assess the problem outside the box. Thank you Vauxhall and thank you Whitmore’s.
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