Huge thanks to South Lakes Mercedes-Benz for their help when my E350CDI ran low on oil.

Driving my Mercedes-Benz E350CDI estate to Barrow in Furness on Thursday, the car told me it was low on oil. I checked and it was. Because I was unsure what the problem was I phoned South Lakes Mercedes-Benz in Ulverston and they told me to call in immediately. Within five minutes of arrival a charming young lady had installed my wife with a coffee, my grandchildren with soft drinks and taken the car into the workshop. Half an hour later she reported that the oil filler cap hadn't been secured correctly and oil had leaked over the engine. They had added two litres of oil in to bring it back to the correct level, cleaned the engine bay and "to be on the safe side" replaced the filler cap. The charge? Nothing! I offered a donation, which was declined. I asked why and was told it was a goodwill gesture. I hope you will publish this. Service of this quality should be brought to everyone's attention.
Excellent. The goodwill gesture engendered goodwill in me and earned South Lakes Mercedes-Benz an entry in the Good Garage Guide.
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