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I am looking to purchase a Volkswagen Golf Mk7 (GT 1.4 TSI), which I am now informed by my local dealer should be arriving in about a 7-10 days time. I have already looked very closely at the (downloaded brochure), so I know exactly what I want. The brochure also indicates that there are two options that I would like your advice on: (1) Buying a Service plan for three years for £329.00 - is this a good idea? (2) Buying an extended Warranty for a further two years after the first three have expired, for £490 Because the GT Golf has the new ACT (Active Cylinder Technology) I thought buying an add-on warranty would be a good idea (if it's covered and I need to check the warranty conditions of course!)
I'm not a fan of service planes because they lock you into minimal servicing, so you might not even get an oil change for 10,000 miles. The extended warranty via the dealer probably makes sense.
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