Warranty work taking too long

Four weeks ago I had my car serviced for the second time and was told by the garage that there was an oil seepage from the gearbox that might turn into a leak in the future. I had the work done only to notice oil on the drive a couple of days later. After informing the garage more work was done and the car collected and taken home. The following Monday more oil appeared on the drive. This time I drove the car directly to the garage and told them that I would only accept the car when the leak was cured. That was 16days ago, the garage say they have had input from Hyundai enguineers but still cannot cure the leak. The wife has just telephoned and suggested that the gearbox be replaced but was told that this would not help. So the garage have no idea how to cure the leak and I have no idea when my car will be roadworthy. Can you please suggest my next coarse of action?
The real reason for the hold up is that Hyundai and KIA in the UK have been experiencing a parts supply problem problem from Korea, but this is now supposed to be resolved.
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