Stuck wheel on a used car

I bought a 19,800 mile 09 plate Volvo S40 1.6 SE D. Within price paid the dealer agreed to fit new tyres, provide a years road tax, rear park assist and 3 year service. Collected Wednesday and only front tyres replaced (with AutoGrip Radials) and rears said to be good with 4mm tread. Had to return to garage because service book had not been stamped. Salesman said he’d rectify which took over 10 minutes. I checked tyre pressures (32psi) and found rear n/s to be 17psi - I inflated it to 32psi. Checked again on Sunday – almost flat. I attempted to remove and replace with spare but was unable to remove the wheel, so I called the AA. It took 10 minutes of hitting with a copper-headed hammer to free the wheel. In addition, with suspicions aroused, I conducted simple test on oil. A drop from the dipstick (thin and black) in water mixed immediately. Drop of new oil (SAE 5 – 30) floated on surface. This is a crude test of the age of the oil. I am inclined to return to the dealer and ask to be given a copy of the Service checklist. What is your view?
The wheel will never have been removed and if alloy will have fused to the hub. You get them off by slackening the wheel nuts slightly without jacking the car, then pushing the car using its weight to separate the hub. But wheels are not removed as part of a service. Yes, return the car and ask for the service checklist.
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