Thanks to JMA Cars of Colwyn Bay for repairing my Rover 75.

Owners of Rover 75 and MG ZT equivalents, who may be tiring of their service garages unable to diagnose or misdiagnosing problems, should be made aware of JMA Cars of Colwyn Bay North Wales who provide specialised service exclusively to these models of car only. Prior to undertaking the long journey from South East London I had previously suffered six months of cooling system relating problems, causing unnecessary expense and inconvenience. Julian installed a Kenlowe fan substitution at several hundred pounds cost saving over the genuine part and whilst there replaced the PCV (crankcase recirculation) filter - which he has rarely known replaced (apparently because BMW never informed Rover that it was a serviceable replacement), instituted a home made debris dam to prevent leaves from blocking the front bulkhead and eliminated the erroneous air bag warning light by changing the wiring connector under the passenger seat. My 9-year-old car now feels like new and I will be more than happy to keep it for many years to come because all the irritations have been eliminated at very reasonable cost. I have no connection with this business other than being a very satisfied customer.
Many thanks. We'll try to get them into our Good Garage Guide.
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