Why is my Audi A5 using one litre of oil every 1000 miles? Should Audi contribute to the cost of the oil?

My Audi A5 used four litres of oil for the first 4,000 miles driven. I have been advised to ask for a replacement car and to try to get the Audi dealer to take mine back. How would you advise that I progress dealings with the Audi dealer?
The Audi dealer will claim that is within the parameters of normal. What I would do is say to the dealer, "if that is normal then I want you to pay for the oil consumed between services."

The reason is VAG's policy of filling the engines with longlife oil on the production line. If engines are then relatively gently driven, the oil rings on the pistons and the bores do not bed in properly. What might make them bed in properly is using a different oil, and that is worth discussing with the dealer. But a car that uses one litre of very expensive oil every 1,000 miles (more than a pint every 500 miles) is plainly "not of satisfactory quality" because of the extra running costs it imposes on the owner.
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