Thanks to Fawdington Mini for their help in replacing an electrical unit on my wife's MINI Cooper.

Two weeks ago the Dynamic Stability Control Unit failed on my wife's 5-year-old MINI Cooper (with 45,000 miles on the clock). I was quoted £937.22 for the replacement part by the staff member at Fawdington MINI in Newcastle where the car was bought and has always been serviced. The cost was a bit of a shock. The dealer contacted BMW due to the low mileage and the cost was brought down to £232.55 plus, with a contribution from Fawdingtons made the final cost of parts and labour only £127.40. Customer loyalty does work and we intend to use Fawdingtons when a replacement Mini is bought in about two years.
That's excellent. In fact, and do this repair, but charge £300 - £350 to repair the module that first needs to be removed from the car then replaced. So you have been well looked after.
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