Win sum, lose sum

We have a 3-year-old BMW coupe 53k miles and are about to re-warrant it for just one year with Warranty Direct. Choosing to use an independent garage for any work is obviously cheaper. At the end of 12 months we will almost certainly part-exchange for a new model at a BMW dealer. I am told that all part-exchanges at franchised dealers always go to auction and not to the forecourt. So if we do part exchange, will it affect the best trade-in price if this year’s service and repairs are carried out with BMW or one of Warranty Direct's recommended workshops?
Independently serviced, you will get a low p/x price from a BMW dealer and it will go to auction. If the car has a full dealer service history, and is in retail condition, you will get a higher price. That price difference will normally be greater than the difference in cost between an independent service and a BMW service.
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