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I have an August 2003 E270 CDI and have been quoted £440 by a main dealer for a D+ service at 85k miles including brake fluid change. The car has a full main dealer service history to date. I hope to sell, or part exchange, for a new car soon. I know it will cost me less at a reputable local garage and £440 is a lot of money for a 7 year old car. Will the local service option have a potential impact on any resale value/part exchange or does it make financial sense to stick with the main dealer?
£440 is not a lot of money for servicing a car that originally cost
£32,500, especially when it includes an essential brake fluid change. If it has always been MB serviced then a non-MB will probably have a greater impact on what you can get for it than the £200 or so you actually save. As it is you’re looking at about £7,750 in p/x.
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