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Your advice would be most welcome particularly perhaps in view of the current weather conditions. I am celebrating the end of my 60 year working life with a round-the-world tour visiting family and friends and that means leaving for about 18 weeks, my 120k-to-date, but immaculate and totally reliable 02 Saab 2.3 HOT Aero on my driveway where it normally resides. I frequently cover the car during spring and summer to protect it from debris from the Oak trees that overhang the drive and the birds and squirrels that inhabit them. What other measures would you recommend I should take? I have declined the offer of my family that remain in residence to run the engine up from time to time, or drive it round the block.
The more it can be driven the better. Worth adding a friend or neighbour to your insurance policy so this can happen. FAQ at: www.honestjohn.co.uk/faq/storing-a-car
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