Service interval - is this possible?

Last year (in September) I purchased a second hand Audi A6 2.7 TD Le Mans S Line quattro that is on a 57 plate. I stipulated that I did not want to have the cost of a service for the next six months. The Audi dealer agreed to this and said the car had recently been serviced and the service book was stamped by the dealer (date August 2010) and the service box and oil change box are both ticked. The service indicator came up a couple of weeks ago and it has just had another service. So far so good; except that the dealer now says the there is no record of an oil change on the computer system in 2010. The last oil change was in February 2009. So the car has not had an oil change for 20,000 miles over a time period of 2 years 9 months. It is on an "Audi long life" service schedule. The first question is should I be worried? The second question is how can the computer in the car allow a service interval of 2 years 9 months?
Someone re-set the computer without carrying out the oil change. It does not test the condition of the oil. It merely assesses it on the basis of the number of cold starts and other countable factors. I'd write to the dealer principle expressing your concern at the dishonesty his dealership has shown you and holding it accountable for any engine problems that may occur for the next 5 years. Send this by Post Office special delivery so it becomes a matter of record.
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