Vauxhall Corsa power steering failure

I have had a Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 from new, it is a 59 plate and had done just under 9,500miles when I started to get an intermittent failure of the electric power steering (EPS). Short cut-outs of 1 or 2 seconds when turning sharp corners. Then the system failed with the EPS warning light on. I stopped and turned off the engine for a couple of minutes and that temporarily corrected the fault. After this fault happened again I continued to drive (without power steering) for ten minutes before turning off and "correcting" the fault. I took the car to the dealer the next day, they looked at it and replaced the steering column under guarantee, with no quibbles, in under 24 hours. So far the replaced item is OK. I can recommend Vauxhall Drive (North Bristol) for their quick diagnosis and repair, all carried out in a most friendly manner.
Same powered column as in the Panda, Punto and 500. Avoid ever holding it on full lock. That's what causes the motor to burn out.
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