Have I been overcharged for an oil change?

My Peugeot 2008 1.2 Puretech had an MoT and oil change a year ago and I have just noticed I was charged £68.47 for oil ! This seems an extraordinary amount, no quantity was listed. Can you tell me what sort of oil is recommended by Peugeot and the quantity please?
The oil for your car will be 5W-30 and the amount for oil change will be 3.3 litres. We would normally use a recommended manufacturer such as Castrol, Shell or Mobil. Peugeot recommends Mobil 1 PSA B71 2290 and in a 4 litre can will cost around £54. You can if you wish purchase the oil yourself and give it to the garage before the service.
Answered by Alan Ross on

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