Why are EV servicing costs so high?

Just had my 2019 Renault Zoe serviced. Taken aback to be told it needs a routine 12V battery change and brake fluid replacement. Battery is £140 and brake fluid change £340 plus VAT. Told that specialist needed to isolate traction battery for safety - good idea. Add on routine service cost. Total £780. I understood EV ownership should be cheaper the ICE. I feel caught out, though Renault say brakes/battery good for four more years.
It is disappointing to hear of the expense of this service, although the need for specialist handling of some components would understandably mean somewhat increased costs. We would hope that over the longer term the relatively infrequency of servicing costs compared to an equivalent petrol or diesel car, combined with the cheaper cost of charging compared to fuel, would mean the savings will add up.

You may also wish to consider having your Zoe serviced outside of the Renault dealer network if it is out of warranty. EV specialists are becoming more commonplace and should offer lower costs compared to main dealers.
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