Should I take my used Toyota iQ to a main dealer for servicing?

I've bought a 10-year-old Toyota iQ. Is it worth servicing it at Toyota or my good local garage?
Keeping your service history up to date is a good thing to do for two reasons. Firstly it ensures your vehicle is kept in good condition, which will help it last longer. Secondly it helps to maintain the value of the vehicle - a complete service history can add several hundred pounds to the value of your car when you come to sell.

Where you get it serviced now depends on the current service history. If it has been maintained at a Toyota dealer since new, then there is potentially some value in keeping this going. However, if in the past it has been serviced at an independent dealer or even has some service history missing, there's not much to be gained by going back to a Toyota dealership for servicing. Take it to a good independent specialist (you can find one near you in the Honest John Good Garage Guide) and you'll save money.
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