Is a manufacturer warranty still valid if a car is serviced outside the dealer network?

I am trying to help a friend concerned that a franchised dealer might try to rip him off by demanding the vehicle has its first service done by them to retain the warranty. I'd thought that they could not do that now and that he's entitled to have it serviced by any garage as long as they are competent and use the correct spec parts. Am I right?
You are correct, the car can indeed be serviced outside of the dealer network and retain its manufacturer warranty.

That said, the independent garage must service the car in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. That means using approved parts and fluids (which must be shown on an itemised invoice). If the garage uses engine oil that isn't approved by Citroen then your friend's warranty will be void.

It's also worth noting that cars serviced outside of the dealer network tend not to be as desirable as those with a dealer-stamped service history. The car may also miss out on important updates (which are usually applied at the same time as the service).
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