Ford Kuga engine replaced under warranty - why am I being charged for the oil and spark plugs?

My 2018 1.5 EcoBoost petrol Ford Kuga has been with the dealer for four weeks waiting for a new engine to be fitted under warranty. I reported it was using coolant with no visible signs of a leak. They said first said no fault was found and this amount of coolant loss is normal for Kuga. The engine failed shortly after this claim. I have suggested that, once they fit the new engine, the dealer can do the third year service and MoT - as both are due. The dealer says Ford insist on a full service even if it is a new engine and they will change me for new oil, spark plugs etc. They have also said this is likely as sometimes the engine arrives with this stuff missing. Shouldn't the new engine have new spark plugs and fluid? Why am I being charged for this service?
It's probably true that a new engine comes without spark plugs and fluids, but as the work is being carried out on warranty – it seems like they should be part of the deal.

I would phone up a couple of other Ford dealers and see if they say the same thing. I'd also write a letter to the dealer service manager explaining why you're unhappy about this – i.e that it is the engine that has failed and that there's plenty of life left in the spark plugs and fluids – sometimes all it takes is a friendly letter to get the ball rolling.

In the letter, I'd mention that you plan to take the matter to Ford UK if it can't be resolved by the dealer. Keep us informed of your progress.
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