My car has been parked up for a long time - does it need a full service before going back on the road?

My Land Rover Discovery has been garaged for a very long time. We intend to use the vehicle again in the winter and have requested a basic service in order to have all the fluids changed and the vehicle inspected. The dealer says the distance covered is immaterial and the service interval is based on time. I can understand that that as far as replacing the fluids is concerned but as it hasn't moved for the best part of a year is anything other than a visual inspection as well as the basic service I have requested necessary? The difference in cost is not small.
Your car has been off the road for a relatively long time so I would personally give it the full service (although I can understand why that would sting when you have barely used it). Service intervals are measured in time as much as mileage covered.
Answered by Russell Campbell on

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