Clutch bagged

My two-year old Renault Scenic with just 20,000 miles on the clock was recently diagnosed with a failing clutch release bearing, and it was with great trepidation that I took it for repair to the dealership from which it was purchased, knowing that anything to do with the clutch probably would not be covered by the 3-year warranty. To my great surprise I received a telephone call from Renault Customer Care before the work had been completed offering a deal on the substantial bill as I had been a loyal customer over a number of years: the deal was that if I paid just 1% of the total costs I would be given a 12-month warranty on the replacement bearing. When I arrived at the local dealership to collect the car not only had this already been arranged but they offered to pay the remaining 1% as I had been a loyal customer for many years. That is what I consider to be first-class customer care and I look forward to purchasing my next new Renault Scenic when my current car's warranty ends.
That is the new face of Renault. It's been taking a few years to get
there, but Renaults and Renault dealers are now much better than they were. This one is Darlingtons Renault, Harlow, Essex.
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